Comprehensive Field Service Management Software

Our platform streamlines your field operations. Schedule and manage jobs,  create estimates and invoices, receive payments, and more.

Empowering Efficiency

Transform field service operations with streamlined workflows, reducing administrative burden and enhancing service delivery.

  • Performance tracking
  • Resource optimization
  • Predictive analysis

Collaborative Ecosystem

Foster teamwork with features that enhance communication between office staff and field technicians, improving job coordination.

  • Workflow streamlining
  • Task prioritization
  • Notification system
Project management

Your project hub, simplified

Consolidate your project management tools into one powerful app. Enjoy effortless organization and intelligent automation.

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Tracking tools

Efficient tracking, and unified
team communication

Centralize all project-related information, ensuring easy access, efficient tracking, and unified team communication.

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Collaboration tools

Built-in collaboration tools
shared documents

Facilitate collaborative efforts with built-in communication tools, shared documents, and team-specific workspaces.

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Workflow tools

Automate your workflows
and put tasks on autopilot

Tailor your projects with customizable templates, fields, and dashboards, aligning the app with your unique workflow requirements.

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Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing to suit every need

Enjoy a range of features designed to enhance your project management experience, all at a price that fits your budget.


$ 19 /month
  • Task management, collaboration tools, and basic reporting
  • Efficient organization and streamlined communication
  • Users can manage up to 5 projects


$ 49 /month
  • Advanced reporting, priority support, and customization options
  • Better insights, tailored workflows, and enhanced collaboration
  • Users can manage up to 15 projects


$ 99 /month
  • Real-time analytics, a dedicated account manager, and API access
  • Project management capabilities and strategic decision-making
  • Users can manage unlimited projects
12,000+ Happy Clients

Success stories from our customers

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Safaa Sampson Project Manager

Our project completion rates increased by 45% after implementing this app. Its automation engine saved us 20 hours weekly, allowing us to focus on strategic planning and client satisfaction.

Frederic Hill Operations Director

This software streamlined our workflow, reducing project errors by 60% and enhancing team collaboration. Our revenue grew by 35%, and client satisfaction reached an all-time high of 98%.

Brendan Buck Marketing Specialist

Our marketing campaigns became 30% more effective due to precise analytics and collaboration tools. Task completion times halved, resulting in a 25% boost in customer engagement.

Stefan Ball Strategic Planner

The real-time dashboards provided us with invaluable insights, enabling proactive decision-making. Project delays reduced by 40%, and our teams' productivity increased by 50%.

Paige Lowery Project Coordinator

Automation simplified our repetitive tasks, leading to a 30% reduction in errors. Collaboration tools promoted seamless communication, resulting in a 25% improvement in project coordination.

Frances Barr Operations Manager

Our operational efficiency increased by 55% with this app. Its customization options tailored the software to our unique needs, saving us 15% in operational costs and increasing client satisfaction by 45%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with AxonHealth allows treatment centers to enhance their aftercare programs with our comprehensive platform, including assessment forms, mood and goal tracking, and real-time communication.

Our Crisis Alert System is uniquely proactive, using advanced algorithms to monitor signs of patient distress and to automatically alert care providers in real-time. This allows for immediate intervention, which is crucial in preventing escalation.

Yes, aftercare counselors can use AxonHealth to manage their caseloads more efficiently. The platform provides tools for scheduling, patient communication, treatment monitoring, and documentation, all in one secure location.

AxonHealth partners with insurance companies to ensure patients have coverage for their aftercare programs. We work closely with insurers to include our network of treatment centers in their coverage, making the transition into aftercare smoother and more accessible for patients.

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